Welcome to the BMD Kennel Royal Marine Kiev Ukraine.

Our life with Bernese Mountain Dogs was starting from 2007.
We try to select the best representatives of the breed and we are very glad to give a mutual happiness to new parents and our puppies!!!!

Our puppies have excellent pedigree and we give them our love from their birth and after we try to support, sometimes to control the growing of our babies.
The conditions in which our own dogs are living and the conditions where our puppies are growing you can you in chapters of this cite ABOUT the Kennel and PUPPIES for sale.

A little bit about our family members

“There is no enough berners” – this slogan we heart at first from berner’s ownres and breeders and we did not notice how we “ collect” 6 dogs and a real members of our family!

Our dogs are living with us as family members and our partners and of course garden helpers))) they live in the garden without and voliers and a half of hectare is their own territory. .

For today we have two ladies – reproductors in our family. Milbu Shilla who came to us from Latvia, we are thank full to Mrs. Milda Busa for our favorite Princess.
Our other mamma-girl is Diva Royal Marine z Deikowej Doliny, many – many thanks to our Pollish breeder Mrs. Teresa Deik!

Both our girls are titled, Champions of Ukraine, Diva is twice Champion, Champions and Junior Champions of Belorussia, Georgia,, Bulgaria
We are happy with our own daughter Dominique Ma Belle, which was born in our kennel from Shiila and Bobby ( Sennenland’s Grand Canyon)

Also we are very happy and very proud with our veterans Skazka Alpine Diamond and Rafael Chorniy Almaz who love with us from the beginning of our “ dogs life’))) feel good, healthy, jolly and friendly with everybody.
Also we have the complete dog life with our Tibetan Terier Atena and 4 cats

The is special chapter OUR LIFE!

Active life with sennenhunds:

BMD is active friendly and lifefull dogs .the communications with them is the real enjoinment.

The separate page of every dog life is the participations in the Dog Show!

It seems to me the participations in Dog Show is as a ticket for special Dog Club and not for owner and for DOG!)))) they like to be in this dogs meeting, like to show themselves and of course like to WIN!

This is also a good reason for the owner when your Favorite takes you to the Dog Show and you can talk, discuss with other owners, when your DOG is busy with very responsible business – demonstraties itself and gets compliments from the experts and spectators.

Royal Marine News

The life is boring without dogs, they feel our life with news, jolliness and jokiness!

We want to share with you, but it’s not possible to talk about everything …too much interesting things every day…
So we pay attention on Dog Shows and the main theme our PUPPIES.

We have puppies for sale

11.28.2015 Bernese Mountain Dog puppies were born: 4 males and 4 females.
You can buy ... as long as there

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BMD puppies for sale

Our Diva - twice champion of Ukraine

And she knows it ...

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Bernese Mountain Dog Diva Royal Marine

Немного об особенностях породы и отзывы о бернах

Многие, кто нас встречают при прогулках, зачастую спрашивают - а какая порода Вашей собаки?
На что получают название, которое не сразу запоминается: бернский зенненхунд - а проще объяснить: горная собака из Берна (Швейцария) или швейчарская овчарка - берн.
Берны имеют разные прописания на немецком или английском языках: Berner Sennenhund или Bernese Mountain Dog (BMD).

Окрас берна - триколор: черный-белый и коричневый
Особенно эффектен в сочетании густой ярко-коричневый цвет (такой есть у наших собак - Шиллы, Дивы и Доминички).
Зенненхунды - достаточно крупные и сильные собаки (они из молоссов), но в отличии от азиатов и кавказцев берны чрезвычайно быстрые и активные и, что самое главное, очень дружелюбные:

Берны очень любят детей, хорошо дружат с котами (у нас 4 кота, причем один живет вместе с бернами постоянно).
Зенненхунды не агрессивны совсем, однако охранники отличные - даже девочки несут службу как положено.
Но самое главное в бернах - из края выплескивающееся любвеобилие и радость: бернский зенненхунд - собака-партнер, а потому более преданного и ласкового существа, который не может жить без общения с хозяевами, трудно найти.

Берны - это собаки для жизнерадостных людей, они всегда смогут Вам поправить настроение и рассказать о главном что есть в Вашей жизни - сама жизнь.