Kennel Royal Marine officially registered KSU-FCI.

We are engaged in professional breeding of Berne since 2008.

In the beginning — they were our Berner pets Rafael and his wife Skazka, who brought us 2 litters A and B (see. Read more), but they are veterans.
On the site you can meet with our best Bern by kennel Royal Marine.

Our Berners.

When you buy a puppy, be sure to ask their parents, believe me, this is important — parents strongly depends not only on the exterior, but also the health of a pet.

Today our breeding of great Burner female with an excellent pedigree:
Shilla from Latvia and  Diva from Poland, and our long-awaited girl — Dominique (Shilla daughter)  with a very good perspective.

Our tight-knit family resides in our private home near Kiev.

The kennel is located on a large picturesque garden, which is our pride.
On 40 acres of our land, our dogs live free-range — without restrictions in the movement, games and pampering.
For the physical development of their dogs, we arrange regular walks 5-6 km and a special training to prepare for the exhibitions.

Raising puppies.
Our kids were born grown up to a month in the house — in a separate specially adapted for this room, and a month puppies go to their aviary-range, where it grows in nature, strengthening his legs, arms and your immunity!

Puppies from the Royal Marine turn slowly — we carefully select a decent pair with careful selection of blood and pedigrees of the parents.
All this in the first place — for the best of the breed with good health, immunity and high potential for the show: these pups bring joy and health to their owners. And we will help you with this forever.

Puppy Bernese Mountain Dog you passed on the page Puppies here — today we have in the presence of small males and females.
Puppies Prices correspond to their level and lineage, but the prices are reasonable and humane.
And besides — the money is not important.
And for those who know the breed, we do pre-recording and backup immediately after the birth of puppies (when it is known how much, and who turned out).

For future owners we give a little instruction, in which the popular and talked about the education of nursing pups. In addition, there is support at the initial stage — we are always wondering how to live our pets, and advice can be obtained from any matter — after all we opytuzhe there and experience a varied and we know where and who to turn to for advice when their knowledge lacks.

We love good dogs and good and attentive hosts. Contact — always glad to help you.